Gabby Guenther

Sleuthing Supplies


Sleuthing Supplies

Identity / Package Design

The Do-It-Yourself Sleuthing Supplies is a collection of items perfect for the at home sleuth, sometimes known as the nosy neighbor.



Inspired by young women, such as myself who grew up reading detective books like Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy. I wanted to design a kit for the adventure-seeking and imaginative child in all of us.



The items are not traditional detective supplies, just everyday household items with a spin. The kit contains: a manicure tools used as wire cutters, hairpins used to pick locks, and black cleaning gloves used to sift through trash.



The Hounds-tooth pattern is inspired by the classic detective Sherlock Holmes while the black eludes to classic James Bond movies. The glasses included in the logo “Do-It-Yourself Sleuthing Supplies” also refer back to the idea of classic detectives and the idea to “look closer” at something hidden in plain sight.

Brand Color_sleuthing-01.png


The kit includes everything you need to finally figure out why Mr. Wallace across the street seems to be hiding something in his garage, or why Mrs.Conley never leaves her house alone, all while being discreetly undercover.