Gabby Guenther

Sense Labz


Sense Labz

Identity / Print Design

This identity business project was designed for SenseLabz, a reliable space for children with sensory development issues to grow with specialized care in a gym-play environment while working with licensed Physical Therapists.



An overuse of touchscreen phones and tablets is preventing children’s finger muscles from developing sufficiently to enable them to hold a pencil correctly. The moral and scientific questions are forcing parents to think about the amount of time children use the screen and are compelling them to look for solutions.

Children are not coming into school with the hand strength and dexterity they had 10 years ago.
— Sally Payne, Pediatric Occupational Therapist


SenseLabz is a solution that Bridges the gap between the digital and physical developmental learning tools currently available to children and their family members to purchase to improve essential motor skills.



The logo needed to be bright and colorful, building excitement in the children as they walked through the SenseLabz. But more important than that, the parents aka our paying customers needed to be able to find the company trustworthy. Thus, the logo and branding needed to speak to their needs. The colors and type were chosen to support the legitimacy and passion of SenseLabz and their Therapists who work there.

Brand Color_senselabz-01.png


The final Business Model has the potential to grow into a franchise but focuses on starting with great value and procedures that will cover costs for a profit. This model works toward alleviating customer's needs and understanding what they value. The print and digital presentation of the business model along with the cohesive branding brought the project together in a way that would appeal to investors.