Gabby Guenther




UI / UX Design

Savvy is an app designed to easily find happy hour deals at restaurants and bars in Savannah, Georgia. The app was a 2018 SCAD Secession Finalist.



Going to college in Savannah meant being able to find the best bang for your buck while trying to keep up with the downtown crowd. Friends would share local happy hour deals through word-of-mouth or by asking restaurants directly. When assigned this project, my team brainstormed about different needs that could be met through an app when the idea came: Savvy. A business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum specifically for drinking on a dime.



Savvy’s mission is to provide a free community-based mapping to help locals and tourists find the best food and drink deals. They aim to provide new and unique fun for a bargain. The app provides information regarding happy hour in a simple and understandable manner. Savvy’s connection with the bars around Savannah and the community interaction puts them above their competitors, who are outdated with limited information.



The app is designed to open up to a map, instantly showing you happy hour deals currently. You can then change the settings if you want to see the deals for different times. The app lets you design a “Savvy Hour”, or a planned out route to three different places with food or beverage deals that are located within walking distance from restaurant to restaurant.

Brand Color_savvy-01.png


The word “savvy” means knowledgeable and it is also a short slang to say Savannah. The Savvy Logo design connects the letters to create a sense of flow. The logo represents the route you may take when on your own planned or random Savvy Hour. The contrasting colors of blue and orange make a bright and inviting design to engage the user. With usability of the app being the most important component, bright contrasting colors were chosen to work whether the app was used during the day, at dusk, or deep into the night.

App Screens Mock-Up Perspective IPHONE_6.jpg