Gabby Guenther




Identity / Menu / Print Design

Fornøyd is a concept that brings a unique Scandinavian taste to Portland’s exploding culinary scene.



Located by the water, Fornøyd is the first fast-service restaurant in Portland to be built completely from a modified shipping container, the latest trend in sustainable development.

The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them
— Paul Hawkin
container ship.png


The concept of the shipping container is brought into the restaurant's concept through “Shipping, Sustainability, and Satisfaction.” Fornøyd which is Norwegian for “Satisfied”, is meant to represent that feeling customers will get knowing their food is responsibly sourced in a space that is environmentally friendly.



The restaurant's aesthetic pulled from many different aspects such as Scandinavian minimalism, environmentalism, modern design, as well as industrial design. The concept focuses on revitalizing old spaces and old recipes. It is a balance of respect for tradition and innovation for the future. The color scheme pulls from its Scandinavian origin and the blue Atlantic waters.

Brand Color_fornord-01.png


The menu is focused on lesser-known traditional Scandinavian meals alongside contemporary Nordic dishes (meaning no stereotypical meals like meatballs or lefse), both with a focus on Aquavit pairings as well as produce that is quality, fresh, local produce.  You can either stop in for a Swedish coffee break, known as fika, pick up something quick from the small market box, or check in with the hostess to grab a table.