Gabby Guenther

delta x scad


Ready for Takeoff

Identity / Print Design

I was selected to join a team of 16 SCAD students collaborating with Delta Air Lines to research and develop creative concepts for a branded event that revealed the new Delta uniform collection, designed by Zac Posen, to over 30,000 employees during an in-person fitting experience in 16 select cities throughout the US and around the world.



My Team’s Objective was to curate a seamless branded journey that created anticipation, engagement, and personalization during the fitting event to inspire a sense of pride and community among Delta employees while wearing their new uniform.



After our amazing opportunities to conduct primary and secondary research in Atlanta at the Delta Air Lines’ headquarters, we concluded that Delta Air Lines takes pride in their employees through a fitting experience in a transformative event.

We know change is hard, but change is where the magic happens.
— Tavaya Davis, Cross Divisional Uniform Committee
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We developed concepts that would guide the design of the final event. These concepts were designed to embrace change, demonstrate innovation, and emphasize a well-illuminated atmosphere that encourages employees to feel proud when transitioning to their new uniforms. Our goal as the design group was to curate a unique fitting experience to celebrate Delta’s pride in their employees and elevate individuals when trying on their new uniforms for the first time. Since this was the first time Delta is launching new uniforms for both their Above Wing and Below Wing employees, we designed this experience with the purpose in uniting these cross-divisional employees.



For the branding of this concept, we took inspiration from the process of building a paper plane. During it, you are engaged with a single piece of paper, and by the end of it, you have a flying machine. The uniforms will create a new sense of unity, and revive the company and its employees. We want delta employees to feel engaged in the process of being transformed and declare to the world that they are “Ready For Takeoff”

Brand Color_delta-01.png


The final presentation was a showcase of our final concepts. Through transforming the SCAD Student Center into the user journey of the event, our team created a simulation of the full Delta fitting event experience. The final concept, “Ready for Takeoff”, was prevalent throughout the entire experience. The paper airplane motif was carried through each section of the user journey. After walking into the event and being able to experience the History wall, showcasing the diversity of Delta’s past uniforms, the clients saw a digital presentation of the branding and type treatment for the event.



The uniforms were designed to turn Delta's 24,000 flight attendants into walking advertisements for the airline. The Delta uniform fitting team saw roughly 600 employees every day, with the Tour beginning in Detroit, Minneapolis, New York, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Amsterdam and Tokyo. May 29, 2018 was the official launch day of the new uniforms.


the team

Jane Zash, Stephanie Park, Christiana Mooers, Andrea di Lello, Gabby Guenther, Olivia Bingham, Olimpia Gonzalez, Chetan Singh Kunwar, Liz Lawler, Juliana Munera, Nathan Palmer, Ana Batlle, Gabriela Fiallos, Rachel Watkins, Nicole Kurtz, Samuel Griffiths, Mufan Lu, Amy Chang Le, Rhea Mehta