Gabby Guenther

Carolina Federation


Carolina Federation

Identity / Print Design

The Carolina Federation is a statewide organization that brings local people together across race and the rural-urban divide to build political and electoral power in their own communities and across North Carolina.

Firm: Kompleks Creative

Art Director: Tobias Rose



Carolina Federation needed an identity for its organization that spoke to their cause and a website that acted like an anchor and public profile. The organization is based in North Carolina Politics, so the logo needed to represent that “Carolina Pride”. The website was a way for Carolina Federation to tell their story in a way that easily spoke to viewers and helped effectively convey their main message.  

Carolina Federation Final Logo_color-01.png


In order to best represent the state, various North Carolina symbols were explored through the ideation process. The state bird, the cardinal, was the symbol that seemed to best speak to the values of the organization. Birds are used to symbolize peace, transformation, freedom, and power. The logo was done in a classic ‘military’ style, which further defined the authenticity of the organization. A star was added in the center of the bird as a nod to the single star on the North Carolina flag.

clem-onojeghuo-381204-unsplash_bw copy.jpg


We pulled inspiration for the color scheme from the North Carolina flag, which happens to be the same colors that are most commonly associated with politics in America as a whole. The colors, along with the symbolism used, makes it very clear what Carolina Federation stands for.

Brand Color_carolina-01.png


With the website, Carolina Federation was able to set up a donation system to support their organization, a mailing list to reach out to their growing community, and pages to show off their staff and supporting committee filled with their collective of passionate people.